Natural sunlight tubes installed at Mumbai Central Station

Mumbai, May 3 (UNI) With an aim to bring down the greenhouse emissions and reduce the energy bill, Ministry of Railways has stressed on the use of renewable sources of energy.

It has introduced some pioneering initiatives such as installation of roof top solar panels on Railway buildings, Railway coaches to harness solar energy and setting up solar power plants on Railway land to reduce Carbon footprints etc.

Taking a cue from this novel initiative, Western Railway has positioned itself as forerunners in the field of Energy conservation and use of Green Energy on Indian Railways.

According to a statement issued by Ravinder Bhakar, Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway on Thursday, natural sunlight tubes/sun pipes have been installed at Mumbai Central station.

The sunlight tubes/pipes have been installed in the concourse with an aim to provide natural effective lighting during the day.

It is a practice of placing windows or other openings and reflective surfaces. The aim is to maximize visual comfort as well as reduce energy use.

Eighteen units have been installed at Mumbai Central Terminus, each unit costing Rs 21,000, total being Rs 4.46 lakh. ”Since this sort of light source has numerous benefits, it is planned to extend such lighting arrangements to workshops, sheds and other stations on Western Railway,” Mr Bhakar said.