Newtown School comes with an Innovative Ted Talk Session for young students

 Kolkata, May 12 (UNI) The Newtown School in the city on Saturday organized an enthralling TEDx session, a live TED Talk for the first time in a city school specially crafted for children of age group 12-14 years.
Around 100 students from different schools of Kolkata attended the TED X Youth event at the auditorium of The Newtown School. The session’s objective was to present multi-disciplinary ideas with a focus to change attitudes, lives and the world for the next generation.

Keeping this in mind, it has been chosen to present a wide range of ideas, ranging from a topic as elementary as ‘Good Readers Make Good Leaders’ to a topic as complex and overwhelming as ‘Symmetry- The Mathemagic of Nature’.

There was a TEDx talk on the topic ‘Values of Value Education in a School environment’, with the aim of making children aware of how values shape every aspect of their lives.

The whole point of hosting a TEDx event is to maximize the immense potential of the student community, it is needed to bring them all together under one roof first and address them on issues which pertain to their lives and their choices thereby. A TEDx event seemed to be the best medium to lead the young adults towards the right approach.

Dr. Sunita Chugh, a known Leadership and Organisation Development (OD) professional, Kunal Munshi, a first generation entrepreneur and well-known figure of the Solar Power Industry and had delivered various lectures and been featured in numerous talks on renew-able and solar powers .

Ashoke Viswanathan, national and international award winning director, screenplay writer, actor and presenter, Amit Javalgi, deputy commissioner at the Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate were present there during this occasion.