People should speak in mother tongue at home : Venkaiah

Chennai, Oct 11 (UNI) Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday said Tamil Nadu and Tamil language was very close to his heart and wanted the people to speak in their mother tongue at home. 

Speaking at the Convocation of the Presidency College here, he said the mother tongue was like an eye. Stating that Tamil Nadu and Tamil was very close to his heart, Mr Venkaiah Naidu, who started his address in Tamil, said people should talk in their  mother tongue at home.

”Don’t speak in other languages…Shed the culture of calling the parents as Daddy and Mummy. Call them as ‘Appa’ (Father) and ‘Amma’ (Mother)”, he said, adding, while the word ‘Amma’ comes from the heart, the the word Mummy comes from the mouth.

Mr Venkaiah said ”mother tongue alone will rise us. We should never forget our mother tongue, country and the birth place”. 

He said ”we are forgetting our own history because of the westernised culture”. ”People should always keep people like Veerapandiya Kattabomman and poet Bharathiyar in mind”.