The Prime Minister said the Digital India movement has brought mobile data to villages of India. 

Mr Modi said in 2014, only 59 panchayats has optical fiber facility across the country. However, the number has increased to more than one lakh panchayats, where optical fibre has reached today. In 2014, only 83,000 common service centres were working in the country, today three lakh centres are providing services. 

The government is also working to set up more than 32,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in rural areas.

Mr Modi also explained how tele-density, internet coverage and mobile internet subscriptions have increased in the recent past. He said India has the highest mobile data consumption in the world and is also the country, where data is available at the lowest price. 

“Nowadays, a person is consuming more than 30 times mobile data what he had in 2014. India is the only country where mobile data is available at cheapest price — the price is 90 per cent less than that in other countries.”

In this context, he also spoke about India’s digital infrastructure, and its interfaces including Aadhaar, UPI, e-NAM, and GeM. He said a national strategy for creating a robust infrastructure for research in Artificial Intelligence has been prepared a few months ago. This new centre will strengthen this process. 

The Prime Minister said Industry 4.0 and the expansion of Artificial Intelligence would lead to better healthcare and reduce expenditure on health. He said it would also help farmers, and be of immense help in the agriculture sector. He mentioned other areas such as transportation and smart mobility, where it could play a key role. He said as work progresses in India, in these areas, one of the targets is “Solve for India, Solve for the World.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that India would be able to take advantage of the fourth Industrial Revolution. India would also make an unprecedented, unexpected, unimaginable contribution to it. 
He said his government’s initiatives including Skill India Mission, Start Up India, and Atal Innovation Mission are preparing the youth for new and emerging technologies.