Nagaland Children film Bonanza ends at Kohima

Kohima, Oct 14 (UNI) The 5-day long Children Film Bonanza with motto of ‘promoting every child’s right to entertainment,’ culminated last evening with the screening of 4 films at the closing fest at State Academy Hall at Kohima.

The 5-day long Children film bonanza which targets audience of the student’s from in and around Kohima from class V to class XII draws a good response of above thousands students, witnessed the screening in various categories of documentary, animation and short films. 

While during this festival, 9 films were screened, delve into real world conflicts that not only entertain but encourage children to reflect upon the world around them. The movies screened on the closing day were, ‘Nani Teri Morni’ directed by Akash Aditya Lama, based on the true story of Mhonbeni Ezung, a National Bravery Award Winner 2015, who saved her drowning grandmother from river. ‘Pinti Ka Sabun’ directed by Pramod Pathak, got the best Children Film Award in Lonavala International Festival of Film& Television India (LIFF), based on the story of a 12 year old carefree boy Lalit who had never seen soap and later see how things around him change when he gets soap.

‘Gilli Gilli Atta’ directed by Pankaj Parashar .This film uses comedy to impress upon its audiences that good always triumphs over evil in the end. ‘Karamati Coat’ directed by Ajay Karthik, based on the story of Raju a poor rag picker, a magical stranger who gifts him a red coat and discovers that whenever he puts his hand in the coat pocket, a rupee appears. Raju at the end realizes an important lesson that easy money comes with its own problems and cannot be enjoyed for long.

Children Film Society of India (CFSI), nodal organizations of the Government of India, that produces children’s films and Television programmes in various Indian languages had promoted films which provides healthy and wholesome entertainment for children. 

The festival is being organised in collaboration with the Nagaland department’s of Social Welfare, Art & Culture, Youth Resource & Sports, School Education and Information & Public Relations.