UN insists Afghan authorities to ensure voters can cast ballot amidst violence

United Nations,Oct 21(UNI) The UN Mission in Afghanistan(UNAMA) urged the country’s electoral authorities to amplify their efforts so that all eligible voters can cast their vote, a statement said.

Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections took place on Saturday amid reports of explosions targeting polling stations across the country.
The violence, along with technical electoral management issues, has led to delays, and people were forced to wait long hours to cast their vote. 

The elections in Kandahar will be held on October 27, following the killing of senior Afghan government officials in the province on October 18.

The UNAMA praised the voters who decided to cast their ballot amidst the violence in the country,and described it as an important milestone in Afghanistan’s transition to self-reliance.

The UN has taken note of the ant-fraud measures put in place by the authorities, and the presence of up to 400,000 observers and candidates agents, as well as political party monitors, to ensure the transparency of the elections.

The UNAMA reminded the citizens who witness fraud of their civic obligation to file a complaint with the relevant Afghan authorities, and that Afghan law enforcement agencies should investigate swiftly and, where appropriate, detain and prosecute those responsible for fraud, where credible allegations are made, the statement added.