Right packaging material which is good for environment is important: Sanjay Singh

 Right packaging material which is good for the environment is important and at the same time the process in preparing the packaging material is also important, ITC Limited Divisional Chief Executive Sanjay Singh said here on Thursday.

Speaking as chief guest at the one-day national conference on ‘Packaging Sustainability – Towards a Circular Economy’ organized by Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP)-Hyderabad, Mr Sanjay said, “Packaging products have to be recyclable. We can’t eliminate plastic everywhere but single-use plastic can be eliminated. It is important to get the right packaging material which is good for the environment but what is also important is the process in preparing the packaging material.”

He said that earlier trees used to take about 12-15 years to grow, but with the new technology the trees will grow in 4-5 years. With this productivity improved, farmers got
more money and the whole thing took off.
Today we have 1,50,000 hectares of plantation that the farmers and growing, we are increasing the green cover in the state, we are increasing the water table. Those days we created jobs in rural areas. This can be said to be part of the circular economy.
When we started the paper mill, 40 years back the recyclable energy that we had was hardly 20-25 per cent. Today, we have brought it to 50 per cent recyclable energy and
the target for the next 10 years is to achieve 60-65 per cent energy recyclable.
Signing off he said that one must do whatever is good for the environment; whatever is good
for the environment is good for the country, economy and the company.
In his inaugural address IIP Director Prof (Dr.) N.C. Saha, Director, Indian Institute of Packaging said that Circular Economy is a big issue across the world not only India.
Circular economy is to leave no waste behind. Leave nothing behind for the future generation. Earlier sustainability was meeting their own needs in future, but now it also means
social equity and economic development. Sustainability and innovation were two different things, but now time has come for ‘sustainable innovation’.
The global packaging market is estimated to be USD 880 billion and is growing at an annual rate of 13 per cent. The Indian packaging industry constitutes about 4 per cent of
the global packaging industry. India’s packaging industry has been developing due to the demand in food and pharma industries. The growth in lifestyle and consumption pattern
has increased the demand for the packaged products resulting in growth in packaging industry, Dr Saha said.
IIP-Hyderabad Chairman Vagish Dixit and Gemini Edibles & Fats India Private Limited Managing Director Pradeep Chowdhry also spoke on the occasion.
About 250 delegates comprising of decision makers and influencers from Food, Pharmaceutical Consumer Industries and material manufacturers, students attended the conference.

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