54 injured in political clash, Tripura CPI (M) accused BJP of sheltering criminals

Agartala, Nov 16 (UNI) At least 54 persons including 12 policemen were injured in a clash between the supporters of ruling BJP and opposition CPI (M) in Belonia. On Thursday, which spread wide range of reaction across the state.

While BJP accused police of acting in favour of opposition, CPI (M) blamed the government for not taking action against the unruly cadres of BJP.

However, Superintendent of Police (South Tripura) J S Meena said that police had to charge baton and use tear gas to manage the situation when a violent attackers pelted stone on police.

According to report, BJP cadres allegedly attacked incumbent Sabhdhipati of South Tripura Zila Parisad Himanshu Roy and five other elected members amidst police escort in front of district SP office in the afternoon on their way to attend the meeting of district magistrate.

Suddenly a group youth started indiscriminate stone and bricks pelting targeted the police van and the private vehicle of Zilla Parishad members. In the meantime, more irate mob also joined stone pelting targeted police personnel.

Local MLA and veteran BJP leader Arun Chandra Bhowmik alleged that police started lathi charge without any provocation and claimed that some police officers instigated the lathi charge on behest of CPI (M).

Meanwhile, deputy leader of opposition and veteran CPI (M) leader Badal Chaudhury alleged that the ruling supporters are taking every step to suppress the democratic rights of opposition. Even after by-elections of three tire panchayats, South Tripura Zilla Parishad still have 12 CPI (M) elected members in 17 members body.

The by-election was held after five members after resignation and all five went in favour of BJP. “But one Bibishan Das of BJP are now trying to capture the post of Zilla Parishad

Sabhdhipati with five members applying muscle power. The attack was only to desis and make immovable the opposition leaders from their democratic rights of elected representation,” Choudhury alleged.

Chaudhury spoke to Chief Minister and sought his intervention to stop BJP workers from violence. He claimed this was the sixth violent attack on CPI (M) in last eight months after

BJP-IPFT government came in power. Initially, BJP cadres forced the elected representatives of all elected bodies to resign and most of the cases they were successful.

Now, BJP members have been forcefully trying to become Chief of all the elected bodies without following the regulation and democratic process.

In many Panchayats and Zilla Parisad BJP members have illegally captured and wherever they faced resistance, BJP cadres resorted to violence, Choudhury alleged.

“The criminals have been taken shift to BJP across the state after new government

assumed power. During Diwali BJP cadres blast crackers on the head of an aged

man in Agartala for denying to contribute money for their celebration. Houses of

CPI (M) supporters were burnt, hundreds of supporters were on run, party offices were captured or destroyed and all types of brutality is going on in the state but the government is mum,” he added.

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