Innovation in farming need of the hour: Suresh Prabhu

New Delhi, Nov 16 (UNI) Countries across the world are facing threat of climate change and there is an urgent need for innovation in agriculture, said Union Commerce & Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu on Friday.

‘Our present environmental context requires innovation which is focussed on creating more fertile land, production of more crops with less water and increasing per acre production of crop,’ said Mr Prabhu addressing at an international conference and awards function for innovations by agri startups here.

The Minister said in the next few years, there will be more demand for food as the world population is growing and therefore there was a need for agri startups to produce more food crops in limited fertile soil and use less water.

Mr Prabhu also called for innovations to minimise wastage of food grains, fruits and vegetables.

The Commerce Minister said that the agricultural sector will have immense possibilities for startups, which are now confined mainly to think tanks and manufacturing.

He said high yielding and disease resistant crop varieties, soil nutrient maps, improved design of dairy, poultry and fisheries technologies should be developed with new innovations.

Urging the agri startups to become more innovative, Mr Prabhu said that the Government was working on a comprehensive strategy for facilitating growth of start-ups.

He said that the Ministry was actively engaged with the startup community. The Minister gave away innovation awards to agri startups in different categories and also released the PwC Knowledge report of FICCI.

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