Tripura Governor advises to use library for nation building

Agartala, Nov 16 (UNI) Tripura Governor Prof Kaptan Singh Solanki urged the students and scholars to make libraries as an instrument for preserving and protecting the identity and values of the nation but with the changing time libraries should also change accordingly
to meet the emerging demands.

In inaugural ceremony for Promotion of Library Automation and Networking in Northeast Region, a biennial convention in Tripura University on Thursday, Prof Solanki advised library should act as promoter of the nation’s identity addressing the issues and challenges of the time and all academic and other institutions should have at least one library, it’s role does not end here.

“It is all the more imperative that the library should be adequately used in activities relating to people’s welfare and development of the society,” he said adding that the region is ‘far ahead’ in many aspects in the country.

Vice Chancellor Prof V L Dharurkar in his speech stressed on the importance of a library for total and wholesome development of the society. Two most important things that humankind needed were ‘a beautiful garden and an enriching library’.

He also dwelt on the significance of a library in a society. The Vice Chancellor informed the gathering, which included experts in library science from across the country, faculty, officers , students and dignitaries from various walks of life, that Tripura University was well equipped with a rich collection of about 1.5 lakh books, 50,000 e-books and other state of the art learning facilities.

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