“Money deposited in banks during demonetisation was black money” remarks by PM was insult of farmers: Rahul

New Delhi, Nov 17 (UNI) Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks that the money that was deposited in banks during the demonetisation was black money, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said the statement by the PM was an insult of farmers .

In a post on social media, Rahul said,’’have you seen (Vijay) Mallya, Mehul Bhai (Mehul Chowksi) or Nirav Modi growing wheat? Modiji don’t insult the farmers.

First you carried out the scam of taking money from the farmers through demonetisation and gave it to your suited buited friends. Now you are saying that the money of farmers was black money. India will not tolerate this insult of the farmer.’’

Addressing a rally in Ambikapur on Friday, the PM said all the money that had been deposited in banks during demonetisation was black money.

The PM claimed the Congress was worried that he took away all the money its “minions and friends” had stashed under their beds and in sacks in one stroke through demonetisation.

“Something rankles them in such a way that they are still not able to sleep…No one sitting here is crying. But only a family is crying,” Mr Modi told the gathering at Ambikapur.

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