Australia to take leading role in push against protectionism: PM

PORT MORESBY, Nov 17 (Xinhua) Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared that his government will fight against rising trade protectionism.

Addressing the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Advisory Council in Port Moresby on Saturday, Morrison re-affirmed his commitment to the open market.

He underlined the importance of showing people around the world “what happens when you are open and work in partnership.
“You create jobs, you build prosperity and you create a more stable and secure region,” Morrison said.

“The test for us now is to stand up for the economic values we believe in, and show how they work by improving living standards and lifting millions of people out of poverty.”

In a statement released ahead of his speech on Saturday, Morrison said that APEC was critical to Australia’s vision for a stable and prosperous region.

“I will use this opportunity to advocate Australia’s long-standing interests in open trade and investment and to reinforce Australia’s commitment to the Pacific,” he said.

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