A narrow look at India’s diversity will reduce our capacity in dealing with a globalised world: Manmohan Singh

New Delhi, Nov 19 (UNI) In an indirect attack on the NDA Government’s alleged attempts to foist a single ideology on people of the country , former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday said that a narrow look at India’s diversity would make it more difficult in dealing with a globalised world.

‘’Successful societies of the future will be those which can handle innate diversity and have an innate cosmopolitan temperament.One of the important achievements of India is its success as a plural democracy which celebrates diversity rather than equate unity with monochromatic dispensation.

The framers of Indian Constitution were wise men and women in articulating the concept of citizenship which transcended but did not seek suppression of India’s diversity. The more narrowly we try to seek our diversity the less capacity we will have in dealing with a globalised world outside our borders,’’Dr Singh said after being conferred the Indira Gandhi prize for peace, disarmament and development for 2017 by former Chief Justice .of India Justice T S Thakur.

In his acceptance speech at the prize giving ceremony at Jawahar Bhawan, where Chairperson of the Congress parliamentary party and chairperson of the Indira Gandhi Trust Sonia Gandhi, former President and chairperson of the jury for the prize Pranab Mukherjee , Congress president Rahul Gandhi and senior party leader Karan Singh were present, Dr Singh, remembering the late Indira Gandhi, said,’’Mrs Indira Gandhi saw herself as a global citizen even as she saw India as a land of peace and prosperity.

Throughout her years as India’s leader she was constantly India’s national interest with its international responsibility.’’

Congratulating Dr Singh on being chosen for the award, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, the chairperson of the Indira Gandhi trust, expressed the hope that ‘’we will continue to get the guidance of Dr Manmohan Singh in the years to come”

Referring to Dr Singh’s association with the late Mrs Indira Gandhi, she said,’’today we honour a man who worked very closely with her, a man who was an adviser on economic matters to whom she turned when the economy faced a severe crisis during the mid 70s and the early 80s.

Dr Singh went on to greater heights in years to come . However, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the foundations of his later success were laid in the Indira Gandhi years in the ministry of commerce and in the planning commission and the Reserve bank of India.’’

Calling him an “epitome of integrity ,sagacity , humility and gravitas.Mrs Gandhi, drawing contrast between Dr Singh’s tenure as PM and the tenure of Mr Modi, said,’’not for him tall claims, fanciful boasts , self promoting bombasts and the language of abuse.

His Prime Ministerial tenure saw India record its highest growth rate ever and also saw implementation of several rights based legislations’’

Remembering the late Indira Gandhi, she said,’’34 years after she laid down her life for the cause of national integration and secularism, Mrs Indira Gandhi continues to be a compelling personality. She continues to be remembered for her indomitable courage and her fierce commitment for an India founded on unity, not uniformity, believing in inclusion and not exclusion and sustained by harmony, not hate.

Her contribution to the shaping of our history and geography are enduring She gave new hope to the sections of society where empowerment was an article of faith.for her.’’

Dr Singh has been awarded the prize “for his leadership of India and its achievements during

the period between 2004 and 2014 for his contribution to the cause of economic and social development, for raising India’s stature in the world and furthering its relations with its neighbours and leading nations of the world, and for his dedication to the security and well being of the ordinary citizens regardless of their faith, caste, religion and language”.

The prize comprises of Rs 25 lakh and a citation.

Some of the earlier recipients include the likes of UNICEF, Rajiv Gandhi, Saburo Okita and Jimmy Carter.

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