Cong says NDA Govt’s anti-graft plank in tatters after CBI officer’s affidavit, questions PM’s silence

New Delhi, Nov 20 (UNI) Continuing its attack on the NDA Government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the affidavit filed in the Supreme Court by CBI DIG M K Sinha, the Congress on Tuesday questioned the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the fresh revelations.

The party said that following the revelations, the plank of anti-corruption on which the Modi Sarkar came to power lies in tatters.

Talking to reporters here, AICC spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, ‘the affidavit of Manish Kumar Sinha, DIG, Head of Branch CBI in Delhi (now transferred to Nagpur) after the infamous “Midnight Coup”, has blown the lid off on the nefarious dealings of individuals in the premier investigation agency of the Central Government.

Each of these topmost officials have severely compromised the integrity of their office according to the affidavit and each of them is known to be close to the highest office of the land.

What is however deafening is the silence of the Modi Government in this regard. They have been silent earlier and are silent now. In his rallies today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi looked visibly rattled and upset that all his misdeeds have started to come out in the open. Mr Sinha’s sworn affidavit has conclusively exposed the underbelly of this government and destroyed any expectation of fairplay from PM Modi’s leadership.’

Questioning the silence of the PM, Mr Singhvi said the silence of the current establishment was an insult to Indian democracy.

‘Prime Minister Modi and his government as usual have maintained a ‘Maun Vrat’ on the entire petition. This silence has gone on for too long and we will not stand for it! The protracted silence of the current dispensation is an insult to our democracy which mandates a government to be transparent in its dealings.

This silence of the BJP, broken only by outlandish blog posts or press conferences by their union ministers who are in no way connected to the matter at hand, is an affront to the collective intelligence of the nation. The situation turns even dire as the days go by, with more facts being unearthed every single day, this just seems to be a Pandora’s Box, but much like the proverbial story of Pandora, we believe that the Supreme Court will be our hope to fix this mess,’’he said.

He also questioned the silence of the ministers and Government functionaries names in the affidavit.

‘It is intriguing that, nobody in the government or the officials/ministers that have been named or mentioned in the affidavit has spoken a syllable to defend themselves,’’Mr Singhvi said.

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