Education board unable to pay salaries to employees due to bankruptcy of Punjab govt : AAP

Chandigarh, Nov 20 (UNI) Reacting on the financial instablity of Punjab government and stalling salaries and pensions of employees, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Tuesday criticized Captain government of ignoring the rights of people of state.

In a statement here, state core committee chairman Principal Budhram said that the present condition is the outcome of bad economic policies of the Punjab government.

He said that as per the reports the education board is short of fund to pay even the salaries and pensions of employees for month of November.

He said that the board needs Rs five crore for the purpose of paying salaries and Rs 4.5 crore for pensions but at present the board has just Rs three crore in its account.

The shortage of money will lead to delay in paying salaries and pension to the employees of present month. The worst point in the case is that the board has already spent fixed deposit and pension fund.

The AAP leader said that the board is unable to provide free books and unoforms to the children. He said that the education system of state has failed due to the apathy of state government.

Criticizing Capt Amarinder Singh for his disinterest in state affairs, Principal Budhram said that he has abandoned the state and people of state are waiting for the promises made by the Chief Minister to be fulfilled.

He said that rather than wasting money on buying new cars for ministers and advisers, Capt Amarinder must look into state affairs.

The AAP leader said that every strata of society is worried about the future of their coming generations and teacher, anganwari workers and other employees are agitaing to get their rights.

Reminding Capt Amarinder of his pre-poll promises, he said that he can not run away from fulfilling what he had promised. He said that AAP will continue to struggle for the rights of people of state.

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