Four fire incidents in Kolkata in a day, one crushed by fire fighting vehicle

Kolkata, Nov 20 (UNI)A woman was killed when a fire fighting vehicle was returning after dousing the flames in central part of the city as fire broke out at four places across this metropolis today.

Official sources said a fire damaged some valuable documents in a laboratory of genetics department on 3rd floor at Chittranjan Cancer Research Institute and Hospital in south Kolkata where two fire

fighting vehicles were pressed into service to douse the flames. A number of patients were initially evacuated for safety. There had been no casualty or injury in the fire.

Fire also broke out at a storehouse-cum-factory of paints and inflammable articles in Bransdroni where also three fire tenders were pressed to put out the flames.

A portion of the multi-storied building at Topsia was charred. Two fire tenders brought the flames under control. Official sources said fire was first noticed on the ground floor and the firemen brought the situation under control before any major damage was done.

A go-down was damaged at Posta in central Kolkata where three fire fighting vehicles extinguished the flames. However, a woman street dweller was killed by a fire fighting vehicle when it ran over her while it was returning after dousing the flames.

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