AAP supports agitation call by teachers associations on December 2

Chandigarh, Nov 22 (UNI) The Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday decided to support December 2 agitation call given by teachers associations sitting on dharna at Patiala from last many months.

In a press statement issued from party headquarters, core committee chairman Principal Budhram and chief spokesperson MLA Prof. Baljinder Kaur said that the agitation is needed to make the demands of teachers hear to deaf ears of govt.

The leaders said that all social organizations working for the welfare of society must support the cause.

Principal Budhram said that the govt. is ignoring the viable demands of teachers associations sitting on dharna at native place of Capt. Amarinder Singh.

“Rather than listening to the grievances of the agitators, govt is threating them and using force to quit the struggle.” said Principal Budhram. 

He said that the govt’s attitude towards the future makers of nations is highly condemnable. 

He apposed forcefully transferring the teachers to far areas to make pressure on them.

Prof Baljinder Kaur said that govt’s order to cutting the salaries of teachers to one forth of existing is inhuman and needs to be taken back immediately. 

She also demanded to regularise the services of teachers who have completed their probation period of service.

Prof. Baljinder Kaur said that govt’s order to extend the course period of JBT to three years is again unacceptable and govt must take it back.

She said that the target of the move is to get the services of trainee teacher for free of cost.

Demanding from the govt. to give sympathetic ear to the agitating teachers, she said that the govt.

must think of the future of the students. Supporting the struggle of teachers, Prof.

Baljinder Kaur said that the party is always there to raise the voice of any strata of society.

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