Focus on long term economic model, not short-term populist measures: Venkaiah

New Delhi, Nov 22 (UNI) Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday exhorted states to focus on long-term  economic model for the betterment of the people and not settle for short-term populist measures.

Asserting that the relationship between the states and the Centre must be built on trust, transparency and  mutual respect, he advised both parties to practice openness and not be limited by narrow political divisiveness.

He was addressing the gathering after presenting India Today State of State Awards 2018 here.

‘There is an agenda greater than politics before all of us, the agenda of taking development to the last man,  the goal of ensuring Antyodaya. Federals should not end at door steps of State capitals, they must reach  to villages,’ he added.

The Vice President said that political differences must end with the elections and thereafter the ruling party  must not be bogged down by dilatory tactics and the opposition parties must be given the space to offer constructive criticism in the legislature in what seemed to be a comment on present-day Indian politics.

He advocated a measure of accommodative openness to be practiced by both the Centre and the states  ‘if we are to build a strong team India where every voice has its own space’.

Saying that federalism, cultural and ethnic pluralism gave country’s political system the much-needed agility,  the Vice President said continuation of the same required not simply federalism, but cooperative and   constructive federalism, an official statement here said.

‘Cooperative federalism has been India’s mantra for Centre-state unity, cohesion and harmony and there  was every need to continue what the unifier of India, Sardar Patel had said.

The spirit of cooperative federalism  inspired Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s intelligent and proactive political manoeuvring by which he successfully  persuaded the 492 princely states to join the Indian Union, all the while successfully maintaining the unity  and integrity of the nation,’ he added.

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