VHP demands sacking of UP minister for criticising Ram temple movement

Ayodhya, Nov 22 (UNI) The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Thurday demanded ouster of Uttar Pradesh minister and Suheldeo Bharatiya Samaj Party (SBSP) president Om Prakash Rajbhar from the Yogi cabinet for questioning the saints and sadhus on their ‘dharam sabha’ over the Ram temple issue.

The VHP clearly said that any leader who is opposed to Ram temple cannot stay in the BJP ministry and has demanded that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath sack him immediately.
VHP spokesperson Sharad Sharma here today alleged that Rajbhar was back stabbing the government even after staying in the ministry.

“A derogatory statement against the sadhus and saints could be given only by a non respectable person. How can he comment against the sadhus and saints when one of the saint is the CM,” he questioned.
” Insulting the sadhus and saints shows his character and his comment against them proves about his faith on the Hindu religion,” he said.

Mr Sharma said that seeing the Ram temple movement through political spectacles shows that narrow mindset of the UP minister.

“If the minister was not removed then, the sadhus and saints would be annoyed ,” he demanded.

The VHP leader said that the Ram temple will be constructed at any cost and people like Rajbhar would be removed from the path by Ram bhakt Hanumans if they try to create obstacles.

Yesterday, Om Prakash Rajbhar, in a statement in Prayagraj, had said that the sudden raking of the Ram Temple issue was political motiviated by the BJP and the saffron brigade and questioned why the sadhus and saints have involved themselves in politics by holding the Dharam Sabha in Ayodhya.

SBSP president and state cabinet minister Om Prakash Rajbhar has been a critic of the BJP and the UP government for the past over one year but the BJP refuse to take any congizance of it.

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