At present no alliance with Chandrababu in AP: Ex-CM Kiran Kumar Reddy

Former Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy on Thursday clarified that at present there was ‘no alliance’ as such with Chandrababu Naidu and the TDP and much depends upon the central leadership on the future political strategies. 

Addressing the congress party workers meeting at the Gandhi Bhavan here, Kiran Kumar said till now the alliance with Chandrababu was at Telangana and also at central level but not here.

Responding to suggestion of congress senior leader Kamana Prabhakararao, who vociferously opposed any alliance with TDP in the state, the former CM said that as a Chief Minister of undivided state he was also having similar opinion but of late has to go with the changing political scenario. However, he did not hide his displeasure against the present TDP government and pointed out several irregularities were taking place in implementation of various welfare and developmental schemes.
He cited the lapses in SC ST plan funds, Dwcra loan waiver, 108 emergency service, Arogya Sri and even the Mee-Seva. 

He alleged that the corruption through Mee-seva alone would amount to over Rs.2,000 Crores .` Who is to question these irregularities?. Those in power are silent and the same case with the opposition .
The YSRCP MLAs are boycotting the Assembly which is the proper forum to highlight and set right things. But the leader is interested in walking rather than voicing the people’s problems in the Assembly. In such case why should they contest for Assembly? 

Is it for becoming CM ? ’ he remarked. The former CM also asserted that states development and future depended upon special category status and congress alone is committed to grant the same as such it is necessary that Rahul Gandhi led UPA government should come to power at the center. 

Making it clear that people would not bother about what was done in the past but their preference is what would be done in the coming days and who is competent to fulfill their aspirations, he advised the party workers to strengthen the party from booth level and ensure that every sympathizer of congress come to the booth and cast their votes. 

Former Union Minister M.M. Pallamraju said that both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul were keen on APs development and assured to grant special category status soon after coming to power .He said there was no alliance with the TDP in the state and central leadership would certainly take into consideration the party workers views on the election eve alliances. 

Party state president Raghuveera reddy said that Rahul Gandhi should become the Prime Minister to take care of the AP interests by granting special category status. He called upon the party workers to strive for making the party as a strong force to reckon with , with the sole aim of making Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister.

District Incharge president Raja has chaired the meeting. George Christopher AICC secretary, Suribabu PCC secretary, Goutham, William Harry and others attended.

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