CAG observes wasteful expenditure worth Rs 24.70 lakh near Pakyong Airport

Rural Water Supply Project adjacent to Pakyong airport has created huge loss.
The Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) in his Report for 2017-18 has observed that Improper surveys and investigations, besides lack of proper follow up has led to wasteful expenditure of Rs 24.70 lakh on Water project, which was given up.

The CAG was informed by Zilla Panchayat that the project has to cater 45 households. Subsequently it was found benefitting only 3 households as the rest of them had shifted elsewhere due to cracks developing in the houses. The cracks occurred due to use of heavy machinery at the site for constructing Airport. The construction was started by M/s Pakyong Bazar Womens Labour Coopera rative Society in March 2014 and completed in April 2015. 

On the other hand Airport construction was on since 2009, and it was known that households in the area would be dislocated. ‘Had the Zilla Panchayat prepared the estimate as per actual site condition and ground realities, the project could have been scrapped before execution, and the fund of Rs 45.70 lakh could have been gainfully utilised elsewhere to cater to water requirements of needy households,’ said CAG.

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