Flights finally resume after 32-hour shutdown at UK airport

After more than 32 hours of complete shutdown due to repeated drone sightings, Gatwick, the second largest airport in UK is finally restarting operations after more than affecting more than 110,000 passengers during the busiest travel period of the year. A Thomas Cook flight was the first to land at the airport after almost two days of chaos, according to Flight Radar 24. After hours of boards showing cancellations and re-routing, the airport is now making boarding and last call announcements, CNN said in a report.

Authorities of Gatwick, One of the UK’s biggest airports early Friday said that they were “working with airlines and air traffic controllers to introduce a limited number of flights over the coming hours.”
The airport had been closed since 9 p.m. Wednesday local time — bar a brief reprieve of 45 minutes early Thursday — after drones were spotted near the airfield. The last drone sighting was more than 24 hours after the first, leaving hundreds of flights grounded.

Thousands of people were stranded at the airport, with 110,000 passengers on 760 flights due to arrive or depart Thursday. Many more were due on Friday, some of the 2.6 million people Gatwick was expected to handle over the Christmas-New Year period.