Rogue elephant captured

Rogue Elephant with single tusk which has been giving some anxious movements people in the Mattur village in Yeslur range forest was captured by the forest officials here.

Forest officials said on Friday that the elephant was sedating before capturing. The department had kept a herd of tamed elephants and supporting staff ready to capture the elephant. The staff kept a track of the animal and succeded in firing a tranquiliser dart on Tuesday evening.

After sedating the elephant, the staff pulled the animal to a truck meant for transporting elephants. Sivaram Babu, Deputy Conservator of Forests, said it would be sent to Sakrebailu elephant camp in Shivamogga district. Tamed elephants Abhimanyu, Krishna, Harsha, Dhananjaya and Ajay accompanied the staff in the operation.

The people in the surrounding villages had demanded that it be captured at the earliest as it was known to move around alone and cause havoc.

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