Sub-soil eruption prompts Tripura govt to review earthquake preparedness

Tripura Science, Technology and Environment Minister Sudip Roy Barman convened a meeting with all line departments on Dec 26 next to review the preparedness to manage the devastation of major earthquake following latest report of sub-soil eruption of smoke in West Jalefa village of Sabroom in South Tripura.

Roy Barman said the preliminary investigation of geologists revealed that there is a tectonic fault line developed across Chittagong region of Southern Bangladesh and passed through south-eastern part of Tripura up to Myanmar via Mizoram.

The sudden eruption of smoke, fire and black materials indicated some unusual tectonic activities under earth surface and there is every possibility of major earthquake in Northeast at anytime, as it has been long due and the region falls in seismic zone, Roy Barman said, adding that in the meeting everything would be reviewed based on scientific explanation.

“People of northeast are accustomed to the fact of the possibility of high magnitude earthquake at anytime. So, there is no reason of panic rather we must prepare ourselves and empower the disaster mitigation institutions for quick response to any eventuality,” Roybarman explained to media today.

He further stated that detection of a fault line in Indian tectonic plate under earth surface of the state and there is a continuous in close vicinity of Eurasian plate, Indian plate and Myanmar plate at Manipur-Mizoram border. Nobody knows the exact tectonic activities under earth surface except the information that high intensity earth quake is long overdue in the region, thus, the government can push up the mitigation preparedness like Japan.

According to report, last week a mysterious blazing fire created panic among villagers. The local people spotted smoke and fire under an electric pole by the side of NH 8 at West Jalefa village and fire tenders were mobilized to control the smoke. Similar mysterious fire at Jorkumba area in Baishnabpur under Sabroom was also reported on the next day.

A four-member ONGC expert team visited the spot and said that fire was caused not because of any natural gas – however, geologists apprehended under earth tectonic activities in the area. Last year also there was report of eruption of black materials followed by fire in the locality, which attracted geologists to examine the situation.

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