TDP joined hands with Cong out of democratic compulsion: Naidu

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday said that the TDP joined hands with the Congress out of democratic ‘compulsion’ to save the nation and democratic institution from the ‘misrule’ of the BJP government led by the Prime minister Narendra Modi at the Center.

“The Modi government has destroyed the nation more particularly Andhra Pradesh and Modi has no respect on democratic institutions”, Mr Naidu alleged at the conclave held by India Today group and answering questions posed by Rajdeep Sardesai, the consulting editor. “It is the duty of all right-thinking persons and parties to protect the country from the misrule of Narendra Modi and save democratic institutions and that is why the TDP under his leadership has joined hands with the Congress to defeat the BJP, the CM said.

He said some were accusing him of political opportunism, but “the fact of matter is that either you have to support either the BJP or the Congress, or seek the support of one of them to be in power at the Centre. There is no choice.”

Mr Naidu said the idea of a federal front, or third front (non-BJP and non-Congress) front, is not workable. “Only once, such a front came into power at the Centre. The United Front came to power in 1996, of which TDP was also a part, but even that front was supported by the Congress from the outside,” he said.

Mr Naidu said even after the general elections in 2019, every party has to choose either to be with the Congress or with the BJP. “Right now, BJP is the biggest danger to the country. All democratic institutions are destroyed – the CBI, the RBI and others,” he alleged.

“The RBI Governor has resigned and in the CBI the top two officials are fighting each other in the courts. The Modi Government has played havoc with our institutions. That is why it is a democratic compulsion to support the Congress to fight the BJP,” the Chief Minister alleged.

To a question, Mr Naidu said even KCR is free to join the anti-BJP front, if he so wishes. “I have always tried to co-operate with KCR for the progress of both the Telugu states. But his attitude is different,” he remarked. To another question, he said all the opposition parties would elect the leader after the general election in 2019, and “that leader should be acceptable to the parties and the people of India.”

“Prime Minister candidate will be known only after post elections. People and opposition parties in the front have to decide the candidate. Every party have its own ideas and views. But the front is different in this aspect. I have no any ambitions to be the Prime Minister. I am in politics to serve the people and development of the country and my state “, he added.

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