Fuel prices reduced in range of 18-21p/l; Petrol costs Rs 70.07 p/l in Delhi

Fuel prices were reduced on Sunday within the range of 18 to 21 paise per litre while petrol price went down by 20-21 paise, diesel prices were cut by 18-19 paise in major cities across the country. In Delhi, petrol is retailing at Rs 70.07 per litre down 20 paise from Saturday’s Rs 70.27 per litre while diesel is at Rs 64.01 down by 18 paise.

Petrol price in Noida slipped below Rs 70 to Rs 69.99 after a cut of 24 paise. Diesel in the city became cheaper by 24 paise and is retailing at Rs 63.41 per litre. In Gurugram, petrol price went down 19 paise to Rs 70.83, diesel became cheaper by 18 paise and is retailing at 63.84 per litre.

Meanwhile, in Mumbai, petrol is being sold 20 paise cheaper at Rs 75.69. Diesel price in the economic capital went below Rs 67 after today’s price revision and it is retailing at Rs 66.98 per litre. In Chennai, petrol is retailing at Rs 72.70 down 20 paise from yesterday’s Rs 72.90. Diesel price went down 18 paise to Rs 67.59 per litre.  In Kolkata petrol is now being sold at Rs 72.16. Diesel in the city is retailing at Rs 65.77 down 18 paise.

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