Govt eyeing 3.7 pc hike in GDP by 2025

The focus of the Bengal Government is to have the GDP hike from two per cent at present to 3.7 per cent by 2025 through planned expenditure.

“We have created Rs 3 lakh crore GDP only through planned and capital expenditure of the government, which is a record. The planned expenditure that was Rs 11,838 crore in 2010-11, has gone up to Rs 57,789 crore, while the capital expenditure has increased from Rs 2,025 crore to nearly Rs 20,000 crore,” according to state Finance Minister Amit Mitra.

According to him, the state government has been continuously working towards infrastructure development of the state by judicious planning and focusing on capital expenditure.

According to him, Bengal must aim to build a building materials park, where all materials and components pertaining to a building can be manufactured in the state.

The state has spent Rs 18,361 crore under the Bangla Awas Yojana, for building houses for common people. He reiterated that the state government has spent about Rs 6,456 crore only on building physical infrastructure. About 23,000 km of rural roads have been built by the present government and Rs 1,210 crore has been spent to strengthen six highways through the Highway Development Corporation.

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