Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana to take out ‘Mahamorcha’ on Jan 1

Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana (SSS) will take out a ‘Mahamorcha’ to sugar joint directors office at Laxmipuri area of the city on January 1 for one-time FRP (Fair Remunerative Price). The SSS national president, MP Raju Shetty said in a statement said if the sugar factory owners do not deposit FRP in one-time till December 31 on sugarcane producer farmer’s bank account, we will take out a ‘Mahamorcha’ on January 1.

It was decided between sugar factory owners and SSS that before crushing session FRP plus Rs 200 for per tonne sugarcane will be given in one time, now factory owners are expressing inability to give one time FRP amount following declining the sugar rates in open market.

He warned sugar factory owners that farmers would not tolerate the plan of giving FRP in one or two installments. As per law, it was bound for factory owners to give FRP in one-time and if factory owners failed to give FRP plus Rs 200 one one-time, then farmers would take out a huge ‘Mahamorcha’ to sugar joint directors office on January one.

He said that as per law if factory owners failed to deposit FRP on bank account within 14 days time-limit, then government should take action against them, but the state government neglects it.
He further said the government should register criminal cases against these sugar factories and especially against state cooperation Minister Subhash Desai and his sugar factory, who failed to give FRP in time.

Meanwhile, sugar joint director, Sachin Rawal has already served notices to cooperation and private sugar factories of the district and nearby Sangli district, for not depositing FRP though, 42 days have already passed for the new crushing session. Mr Shetty said in a statement that factory owners including chairman, MD are ready to give FRP amount in two installments, but we demand it should be paid in one time as per decided in the meeting, he added.

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