Indonesia Tsunami: US President offers Condolences

Jakarta, Dec 24 (Sputnik) US President Donald Trump expressed condolences over the deadly tsunami that hit Indonesia’s western coast on Saturday.

“Unthinkable devastation from the tsunami disaster in Indonesia. More than two hundred dead and nearly a thousand injured or unaccounted for. We are praying for recovery and healing. America is with you!” Trump said on Twitter.

Indonesia had not even recuperated from the recent havoc done by the earthquake, a major tragedy again jolted the nation. The tsunami, which was triggered by a volcano eruption, struck the Indonesian coast at 21:27 pm Jakarta time (2000 IST) on Saturday killing nearly 222 people while more than 800 others sustained injuries and some 30 went missing.

Indonesia is located in a seismically active zone known as the Ring of Fire and regularly suffers from powerful earthquakes. Areas that were severely affected were settlements and tours on Tanjung Lesung Beach, Sumur Beach, Teluk Lada Beach, Panimbang Beach, and Carita Beach.