US Senate adjourns till next week, will not address govt shutdown for at least 6 days

Washington, Dec 28 (Sputnik) The US Senate, the upper chamber of Congress, has adjourned for the weekend and apart from a brief, non-working meeting on Monday will not reconvene until next Wednesday, delaying any action to end the partial government shutdown for at least six more days, the Senate Press Gallery announced in a message.

“The Senate adjourned at 4:04 pm and will reconvene at 10 am Monday, December, 31 for a pro forma session only,” the Senate Press Gallery said via Twitter on Thursday. “The Senate will then adjourn until 4 pm Wednesday, January 2, and will resume consideration of HR [House Resolution] 695, the resolution to continue federal spending.”

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives convened very briefly on Thursday afternoon and then departed after taking no action to attempt to end the shutdown of more than three quarters of the US federal government.
Congress and President Donald Trump are deadlocked over the refusal of the Democrats in the outgoing Senate to provide enough votes to fund the government since the legislation includes financing to complete the president’s border wall with Mexico.

During his visit to Iraq on Wednesday, Trump said he was prepared to allow the government shutdown to continue as long as necessary to get the funding he demanded to complete the border wall.


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