Tourists banned from hiking as Indonesia’s Bali volcano erupts

Jakarta, Dec 30 (Xinhua) Indonesian authorities have prohibited tourists from hiking in the radius of 4 km from the crater of Mount Agung volcano, which erupted on Sunday, while residents in the slope of the mountain have been ordered to exercise caution over the flow of lava during heavy downpours, disaster agency official said.

The eruption of Mount Agung triggered rain of volcanic ash covering eight villages and town in Karang Asem district, but did not lead to evacuation, Ida Bagus Ketut Arimbawa, head of the operational department of the disaster management and mitigation agency in the district told Xinhua over the phone.

But the height of column of the volcanic ash spewed could not be found out as the volcano was covered by heavy clouds, the official said.

“Tourists and residents are not allowed to hike the mountain, the activity is only allowed to be undertaken in the area of beyond five kilometers from the crater,” said Ketut.

The beautiful Bali tourist resort is the center of the Indonesian tourism industry, nearly 600,000 out of over one million foreign tourists coming into Indonesia every month would spend their time on Bali island, according to data from the national statistics bureau.

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