Syrian Army Establishes Itself Along Western Border of Manbij Region – Correspondent

Aleppo (Syria), Dec 30 (Sputnik) The Syrian army established itself on the territories along the western border of the Syrian region of Manbij, Aleppo province, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

According to the correspondent, Syrian flags have been raised in settlements situated on the contact line with Turkey-aligned Euphrates Shield armed groups.

A source on the ground told Sputnik that the Syrian army continued to strengthen its positions in the northwest of the district of Manbij.
“The army is establishing itself in the direction of the district’s northern border. Thus, the Syrian army should prevent the Euphrates Shield forces’ advance toward Manbij,” the source said.

On Friday, the Syrian army announced it had entered Manbij after receiving an appeal from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units’ YPG to take control over the city amid Turkey’s plans to start a military operation there. On Saturday, the Kremlin confirmed that Damascus had indeed regained control over the territory. 

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