Italian president calls on “positive values of coexistence” to boost security

Rome, Jan 1 (Xinhua) The Italian society should follow the positive values of living together to overcome difficulties and achieve more security, Italian President Sergio Mattarella urged in his New Year speech on Monday.

“Feeling as part of a community means sharing values, perspectives, rights and duties… It also means being respectful of one another,” the head of state said.

“I do know well some will say this is just rhetoric about good feelings, and that we have so many problems, and we must think about security above all.”

Security was a requirement for a serene life, the president acknowledged, yet adding that such condition needed everyone “to feel respected, and to respect the rules of common living.”

“True security is effectively achieved by preserving and ensuring the positive values of coexistence,” Mattarella stressed.

He highlighted the strong role volunteers and no-profit associations play within Italy’s social fabric, which “often makes up for the gaps or the delays of the State in supporting the weakest ones, the marginalized, the elders, the families in needs, the homeless.”

“These entities have a clear idea of the value of each person, and they deserve more support from the public institutions,” he said.

Mattarella also devoted a crucial passage in his traditional speech to Europe, and to Italy’s path within the European integration process.

He started by citing Antonio Megalizzi, a young Italian radio journalist who was among the five victims of the attack occurred in Strasbourg, France, on Dec. 11, and he praised his pro-European attitude.

“He knew that difficulties can be overcome by re-launching the project of a Europe based on rights, people, coexistence, and on the fight for peace and against hatred,” the president explained.

Then, he mentioned the next elections to renew the parliament of the European Union (EU), which will be held in spring 2019.

“I hope the electoral campaign (in Italy) will unfold in a serene climate, and will provide a chance for having a serious debate on the future of Europe,” Mattarella said. 

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