About Us

Introducing the English Weekly Tabloid – THE INSIDES SPEAK, with the core objective to convey the happenings around us and world over to the people at large. The unwavering intent is to meticulously analyse issues and the reasons for the myriad societal evils taking place and enable readers find solutions.
The team of versatile, experienced, skilled writers shall magnify the priorities and concerns to bring them to the fore and endeavor to find answers to the most complex woes and problems, thus reaching their voices to the concerned authorities and respective avenues. It’s about making a difference by being instrumental in bringing in change, working with people and institutions and government machinery.
The tabloid shall encompass all the essential areas right from politics to society to wellbeing; education, technology, social justice, health, food, city and civic issues and a lot more.
Let’s make the newspaper our own mouthpiece to reach out to the world.
For news and updates, visit our website: www.theinsidesspeak.com
Email : info@theinsidesspeak.com